Standardized Test Preparation

Test Prep

Our tutors have extensive experience helping students build their confidence by preparing them for standardized tests, including HSPT, SSAT, ISEE, SAT, ACT, CHSPE, SAT IIs and APs. Depending on the student’s needs, we develop an individualized plan based on a diagnostic test that focuses on specific content areas.  We also teach test-taking strategies to help improve performance and minimize test anxiety.

Through one-on-one or small-group tutoring, our tutors can:

  • Expand your child’s repertoire of confidence-building mental math skills;
  • Teach test-specific reasoning strategies to combat tricky math problems;
  • Develop vocabulary strategies by using knowledge of root words, foreign languages and common associations to help decipher unfamiliar words;
  • Sharpen grammar skills by identifying, clearly explaining and practicing the most commonly tested writing rules; and
  • Improve reading comprehension by helping to organize the key points and anticipate questions.

With our help, many students have dramatically raised their standardized test scores.

  • Our Approach

    For all standardized test preparation tutoring, we recommend starting with a full length practice exam. Upon analysis of this diagnostic, our tutors are able to pinpoint areas of strength and areas where the student might need more practice.

    Our standardized test prep tutoring includes a combination of test prep strategy and content, and is always individualized to fit the particular needs of each student. We do not believe in limiting students to a set number of sessions. Some students may need more sessions to boost scores, others may need less. For this reason, you make no commitments to signing up for pre-packaged programs and wind up spending money on sessions you do not use.

  • For Schools

    Tutor Corps is proud to work with a number of schools in providing top tier standardized test preparation support. We have also provided workshops on the school campus for parents in tandem with workshops and classes for students. Please contact us to discuss more about how we might best provide test preparation support to your school.

  • Bring A Friend

    Often students find camaraderie by tutoring in a small group of their friends or peers. This provides an opportunity to make learning fun -- a key component for both immediate and long term academic success.

    Preparing for a standardized test is the perfect opportunity for friends to work together towards successfully achieving a common goal. We can design a customized program that covers subject-specific content and test-taking strategies. Incorporating all learning styles into the session enables full participation and understanding by all students.

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