School Staffing

School Partnerships

In addition to our tutoring and homeschooling services, Tutor Corps has partnered directly with schools to provide temporary teaching staff for the following circumstances:

  • Temporary leave of absence
  • Maternity leave
  • Unexpected teacher departure
  • Difficult to fill teaching position

Schools work with Tutor Corps because our teachers provide the highest-quality instruction. We match teachers with schools in the same way we match families with tutors: through a comprehensive intake process followed by a careful evaluation of our current available staff. We are responsive and will be honest about the timeframe it will take to staff your position. If Tutor Corps does not have an instructor for your exact needs, we can usually recruit and hire an exceptional teacher for your school in three to six weeks.

  • How It Works

    After consulting with a school representative, Tutor Corps checks with current staff for the availability of an appropriate match to fill the staffing need. Tutor Corps will then recommend the best available match to the school for an interview. If Tutor Corps is unable to fill the need, the school may put down a deposit to retain recruitment and hiring services.

  • What It Costs

    The cost will depend on the nature of the request. Generally, Tutor Corps offers both a daily rate and an hourly rate to schools.

  • Our Teachers

    The teachers we recommend to schools are particularly qualified for classroom instruction. They have classroom teaching experience, and know how to develop curriculum and engaging lesson plans. In addition, we only hire the brightest and most professional teachers. They are passionate about teaching, and care deeply about their students. Learn more about our teachers here.

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