Personalized Learning

Many students find one-on-one instruction suits them better than a traditional classroom environment. Tutor Corps offers customized options for families seeking an alternative, or supplement, to classroom instruction.

One-on-one courses are available for:

K-12 subjects (core and elective)
Comprehensive homeschooling
Standardized test preparation
Private school, high school and college application assistance

Individual classes can be conducted as part of a homeschooling program or as a supplement to existing school curricula.

In addition to checking out the information below, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about homeschooling with Tutor Corps.

  • Our Homeschool Method

    If you are interested in homeschooling, we will first schedule a complimentary consultation with you via phone and discuss educational objectives, curricular themes of interest, instructor preferences and schedule limitations.

    Given your interest in moving forward, Tutor Corps will draft a detailed proposal for homeschooling, including potential instructors, schedules and a total cost estimate. We then discuss details of the proposal, address concerns, and organize a timeline for starting the program.

    After finalizing the curriculum details and matching instructors, Tutor Corps continues regular check-ins throughout the program to ensure academic progress. Instructors provide regular qualitative and quantitative assessments and provide updates and session notes to families every two weeks.

  • Transitional Homeschooling

    Tutor Corps specializes in helping families stay on top of academics during complex transitional periods. Transitional homeschooling refers to any temporary in-home (or location of your choosing) schooling arrangement.

    Families interested in transitional homeschooling may be experiencing one or more of the following:

    • A recent relocation to the Bay Area or Los Angeles.
    • Medical care requiring one or more family members to be housebound.
    • A death or illness in the family.
    • A temporary expulsion or purposeful exit from school.
    • Rehabilitation for drugs, alcohol, or other addiction.
    • A gap year or semester.
    • A transitional time before or after a residential treatment program.

    Tutor Corps staff have the expertise and flexibility to work with existing curriculum at your current school or develop curriculum individualized to meet the needs of the student. We work with psychiatrists, educational therapists, school administrators and other professionals to ensure our students are continuing to make academic progress and have the ability to successfully matriculate back into the classroom when and if they choose.

  • Courses For Credit

    Tutor Corps provides in-home courses for credit with support from our instructors using nationally recognized accredited online classes. Students sign up with Tutor Corps to complete courses for credit over the summer or regular school year. Enroll in our courses to:

    • Reinforce concepts and strengthen content knowledge;
    • Repeat a course already completed or attempted during the school year;
    • Preview a course before the school year begins;
    • Continue academic enrichment through the summer months.

    Before Considering Courses for Credit with Tutor Corps

    • Understand your child’s school policies regarding courses for credit. Please obtain prior approval before starting any courses for credit.
    • Will your child be able to manage a school workload during the summer months? Please consider any vacation plans or other summer activities.
    • Decide the type of class where your child needs extra support.

    To get started with courses for credit and see which courses are available, please contact us.

  • Our Standards

    We hold our homeschooled students to the highest academic standards, and they thrive as a result. High schoolers who have homeschooled with Tutor Corps have been accepted to schools such as Stanford, UCLA and the School of Visual Arts (NYC). Middle schoolers have been accepted to independent schools such as Bentley, French American International School and Fusion Academy (Bay Area and Los Angeles).

    Our curriculum rivals that of competitive independent schools, and we closely track progress to ensure our students are on par with (or in many cases ahead of) their peers. All content is taught from a secular perspective.

    Tutor Corps is a private school (CDE 143642). We are able to thoroughly customize our curriculum content to suit the needs of each student, whether accelerated or remedial. If you are transitioning from a school mid-year, we can continue the student's current curriculum or create a bridge to a more personalized curriculum.  If you require WASC accreditation for course credit visit our Courses page.

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