Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring

Our unique virtual classroom is designed to make online sessions as productive, efficient, and effective as possible. Online tutors are trained to employ research-based methodologies to actively engage students in the online learning process and take full advantage of the unique tools available in our customized virtual classroom environment.

Families often desire online tutoring if they want more flexibility in session length and frequency or if they require last-minute academic support. The virtual classroom supports tutoring in all K-12 and college academic subjects, test prep, study skills, and homeschool instruction.

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  • Our Approach

    We have mastered the technology, so the focus is on learning.

    We have trained our online tutors and designed our online classroom to optimize learning in the virtual environment in the following ways:

    • The virtual classroom is easy to enter and navigate.
    • Use of the software doesn’t require a download. Students just click a link and enter the virtual classroom.
    • A trackpad and stylus is provided by Tutor Corps to help encourage student engagement, especially in math and science tutoring.
    • The virtual classroom supports multi-functional integration of technologies such as presentations, YouTube videos, Google docs, and PDFs as well as easy document-sharing.
    • Tutors are trained to use the technology to help coach students, not do the work for them.
    • We hand-pick the perfect tutor for you and make sure they support your student through every step of the process.

    As with our in-person tutoring, Tutor Corps’ online tutoring is unique in that we provide the kind of curated support necessary to truly engage students in the online learning environment in which we encourage students to “pick up the pencil” and do the work themselves.

  • Services Offered Online

    Ideally, online sessions are scheduled on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, depending on student need. However, one benefit of online tutoring is that tutors may have more availability for last-minute sessions and are able to meet for more frequent, shorter periods if necessary. Tutors are also able to maintain consistency in the tutoring schedule when students are out of town.

    Tutor Corps offers customized online tutoring for:

    See our rates page for details on academic tutoring and test preparation rates

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Online Tutor Spotlight
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