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  • What subjects do you tutor?

    All subjects K-12 and some college and graduate-level. See our Academic Tutoring Services page for details.

  • What is your cancelation policy?

    We recognize that sickness, family events or other unexpected occurrences may arise which make it difficult to keep your reserved time slot. With advance notice we are happy to reschedule tutoring at no additional cost. However, since it is nearly impossible to fill a tutoring session without advance warning, we do require 24 hours notice for cancellations or we will charge for the cancelled session. If you need to cancel a session, please contact your tutor.

    If clients cancel sessions less than 24 hours in advance (but more than 6 hours before the tutoring session) they will be charged ½ the full session rate for each session booked. For example, if a family has booked two standard tutoring sessions with a tutor the same afternoon, they will be billed 50% of the two sessions for the late cancellation. If a family has booked one session they will be charged 50% of 1 tutoring session. If clients cancel sessions less than 6 hours before the scheduled tutoring session they will be charged the full session rate.

  • Do you guarantee your services?

    Yes, we guarantee our services! We want the best match for each student and if you are not satisfied with our tutoring services we will not charge you. We want to provide you with security and peace of mind -- We value long term relationships and matching you with a great educator is our top priority. The details are simple:

    1. Meet with one of our instructors to try our services.
    2. If you are not fully satisfied, call or email us within 30 days of your first tutoring session and explain your concerns.
    3. We will offer to re-match you with another instructor (98% of our tutor matches are successful).
    4. If you decide Tutor Corps is not a good fit for you and you do not want to move forward with another instructor, Tutor Corps will credit up to three tutoring sessions (max of $405).
  • What is your educator hiring and background check policy?

    Our hiring process is extremely rigorous. We require all of our educators to have strong academic backgrounds, subject mastery, teaching experience and the ability to connect with students, parents and teachers. Our high standards account for a selective 2% hiring rate of the total number of applicants.  We conduct multiple rounds of interviews including mock tutoring scenarios, reference checks and FBI/DOJ Livescan fingerprinting (the highest level of background check available).  Only after a complete vetting process and training are they invited to join the Tutor Corps team. To learn more about our educators, click here.

  • My child’s subject needs are changing…do I keep the same tutor?

    If the tutor has the subject proficiency and schedule availability, we encourage the relationship to continue. If this is not the case, we will introduce you to another tutor.

  • Where do you tutor?

    Our tutors travel to all locations in the SF Bay Area and Los Angeles. For more information on our locations, please see the bottom of this page.

  • How long is a tutoring session?

    One session is 55 minutes -- roughly an hour with 5 minutes for session notes and reports. A session may be extended at the parent’s or student’s request (educator's schedule permitting).

  • How many sessions does my child need to improve his/her grade?

    We treat each student as a unique individual. We can recommend the number of sessions once we have assessed your child’s strengths, areas of improvement and academic goals.

  • What are your session rates?
    • Subject Specific: $140
    • Standardized Test Prep: $150
    • College-level/Adult: $165

    Session rates include basic preparation, travel time, and bi-monthly session notes. See our Rates page for more details.

  • Do you offer tutoring or homeschooling in small groups?

    Yes. Often students find camaraderie by working in a small group of their friends or peers. This can also be a more cost effective way to conduct tutoring and/or homeschooling.

  • Do you have educators on staff with special education credentials?

    Yes. Many of our instructors have special education credentials. We can usually staff a request for special education services depending on geographical location and scheduling. We have experience providing services to a diverse set of learners -- from autistic students to students with dyslexia or auditory processing issues.

  • Do you provide financial aid?

    Yes. In certain cases, we can provide financial assistance. Please also visit our Foundation page to learn more about options available through the Tutor Corps Foundation.

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